CMS Systems

A Content Management System allows you to maintain your own Website easily and is easiest and most affordable way to keep web content current and relevant.

Advantages of having a Content Management System:

  • Manage your own website using an easy to use content editor.
  • Add and document images easily into content, pages and galleries.
  • Full admin panel which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Save money by managing your own website.
  • There are plenty stable plugins that can enhance your website to most requirements.
  • Interactive, dynamic and scalable content management system (CMS) This means not only do you have a professionally designed website but now you can also edit your own content daily and enjoy optional features like your own interactive discussion forums, image galleries, event calendar, site stats and many more features. CMS simply means you can easily add more pages to your site yourself, no technical skills needed!

    CMS Pricing

    CMS database installation & set up
    Graphics created to suit your company's corporate image
    All information & pictures added

    Total Cost: R 6500.00
    Hosting: R 200.00